Hobbs & Shaw Theory Explains How Fast & Furious Characters Always Come Back from the Dead

The essential motive why the Eteon tech in “Hobbs & Shaw” could be employed in a future “Fast” movie to deliver sure characters again to life is that it is exactly what occurs in “Hobbs & Shaw.” Well, in a flashback/backstory capability, anyhow.

In the movie, it is defined that Eteon is an element shadowy, well-financed group, half creepy cult, with its ethos involving a common apathy towards humanity shared by each member. That’s why the key MacGuffin in “Hobbs & Shaw” is a programmable lethal tremendous virus named “Snowflake,” as it is a tech-bio-weapon that Eteon does not need for ransom functions, however genuinely intends to make use of.

It’s revealed that Brixton, as soon as an MI6 agent who served alongside Shaw, finally turned disillusioned with humankind and varied authorities organizations over the course of his profession. Successfully recruited by Eteon, he was given a mandate by their mysterious chief (whose id we could by no means uncover) to recruit Shaw as effectively, solely Shaw refused and fired a bullet immediately into Lore’s head.

Where such a factor would have killed any common individual exterior of the “Fast & Furious” universe, Brixton was subsequently patched up by Eteon’s sci-fi tech in a giant approach. Not solely resurrected, he was additionally given varied cybernetic implants, enhancements, and synthetic limbs, turning him right into a more-human-than-human cyborg in a really “Universal Soldier” trend.

There are a number of catches to turning into, in Lore’s phrases, “Black Superman,” nonetheless. For one, Hobbs and Shaw are in a position to defeat him by working as a crew and attacking him in methods too unpredictable for Lore’s predictive software program to counter. For one other, upon being defeated, Lore is murdered because of a kill swap that was implanted inside his mind on the time of his resurrection. Eteon giveth, and Eteon apparently taketh away!

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