Horror Comic Series Wytches Is Becoming An Animated Series At Prime Video

 In the announcement to Variety, Amazon Studios Head of Animation, Melissa Wolfe, touched on a few things that drew the company to this story:

“Driven by the pairing of Scott [Snyder] and Jock along with our partners at Plan B and Project 51 Productions, ‘Wytches’ fuses nail-biting horror and evocative drama while unearthing the dark lore surrounding an ancient burrow of witches. Given the haunting and intimate nature of Scott and Jock’s well-regarded comic series, we are looking forward to delivering their creative vision to our global audience and expanding our growing roster of animated series.”

Snyder, who is probably best known for his incredible run on “Batman” with artist Greg Capullo as part of DC Comics’ The New 52, also chimed in by sharing the inspiration for his book and the advantages of adapting his work in this format. Here’s what he had to say:

“‘Wytches’ is possibly my most personal work. It’s all about the monsters that dwell beneath the surface of things, both literally and figuratively. I’ve been intimately involved with this animated series from the start, and I can honestly say that I love this show as much as the book, if not more. The animation brings the incredible art by Jock to life, and the episodic format expands the world of ‘Wytches,’ taking the characters and mythology to terrifying new places.”

Though no release date has been shared at this time, it sounds like production has started and we should know more about this “dark, personal, twisted, and very special” series very soon.

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