How A 16-Year-Old Patrick Fugit Landed His Part In Almost Famous

Patrick Fugit actually found out about “Almost Famous” because a friend of his was auditioning for the lead role, according to an interview with Independent. “He needed a ride to do this audition tape at his agency,” the actor remembered. “And I was like, ‘OK, cool,’ and I listened to him do it outside the room.” Fugit continued, “Afterward, I was like, ‘These scenes are very good — what is this film?'” His friend told Fugit it was a Cameron Crowe picture and introduced him to the films “Say Anything” and “Jerry Maguire.”

The premise of “Almost Famous” was totally shrouded in mystery during the early audition process. “[The audition scenes] were all written to be about a political journalist following a politician on his campaign, because Cameron didn’t want to let on that it was about music at first,” Fugit explained. He filmed “three random, rapid-fire scenes throughout” that included his introduction to Penny Lane and their confrontation in the forest, per Of course, Fugit had no idea he would be delivering those lines to a groupie — sorry, band-aid — played by Kate Hudson.

Two months after submitting his audition tape, the teenage actor got a call to Utah from Hollywood — he had received a callback. “They flew me and my mom out to LA first class and put us up in a hotel and I did my audition there,” Fugit told Independent. “Anyway, I went up into Cameron’s office and I didn’t know what he looked like. But there he was, this guy with long dark hair, a T-shirt, a pair of cargo shorts on and, I think, he was in flip flops. He was super informal.”

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