How A Wonder Woman Epiphany Led Gal Gadot To Make Heart Of Stone

According to Gadot, who is a self-described action movie fan, the success of “Wonder Woman” made her think of the lack of prominent women-led action franchises. “So many male-led films were made brilliantly, and I just always felt like there’s room for more female-led films,” said Gadot. “Bond, ‘Mission: Impossible,’ ‘Bourne Identity,’ ‘Die Hard’ — these movies I devour, and I always wanted to play one.”

She does have a point. While there are many action movies led by female characters (from “Atomic Blonde” and “Polite Society” to “The Old Guard” and “Salt”), few are part of actual franchises. And even when we do get successful women-led franchises like “Resident Evil” or “The Hunger Games,” they are still either adaptations of established properties, or reside in genres that are already traditionally anchored by women. But franchises a la “Mission: Impossible” (which has a notoriously bad track record when it comes to female characters) remain quite male-focused. Will “Heart of Stone” be the one to change the game? Probably not, but it is a commendable effort, regardless.

“Heart of Stone” is now streaming on Netflix.

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