How Lance Reddick Handled Playing Multiple Weskers In Netflix’s Resident Evil

All told, Lance Reddick plays four different roles in “Resident Evil.” There is Albert Wesker, the one who raised the show’s teen protagonists Jade and Billie, maybe not for the most savory purposes (he is secretly harvesting their blood). Albert has given himself superhuman abilities, and can fight off Umbrella agents who wonder why he secretly created three clones of himself. Bert Wesker, one of the clones, ends up slipping out of Umbrella to reveal the truth to Jade and Billie. Bert is usually polite and even chirpy, but becomes violently angry in a flash (a result of his cloned brain). Al and Alby Wesker also appear, and all four work in a research and development lab together. There are even multiple scenes where all four Reddicks interact.

Reddick, who had to familiarize with the lore of the many “Resident Evil” video games, knew to construct the Albert characters in such a way that would do justice to the role his character played in the games. He knew that at least one of them had to be the video game version, merely in live-action, and played the part thusly. He said of his roles:

“I’m calling him O.G. Wesker, basically the Wesker from the games. […] It’s Albert’s story. But once Bert came in, he was almost such a different character that I felt I had to find him so he wasn’t a spin-off of Albert. […] In terms of personality types, if Albert is the oldest — the hyper-responsible one — and Bert’s the youngest who is kind of a slob, ‘Whatever man, I’ll get to it,’ Alby is the middle one who just wants everybody to make peace. So, that’s how I approached the three of them.”

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