How Michelle Ang’s New Zealand Roots Influenced Omega In Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Life’s never easy for kids growing up in the ever-wartorn galaxy far, far away, and Omega is no exception. As though being hunted by the Galactic Empire, kidnapped by bounty hunters, and put in life-threatening danger time and time again during Clone Force 99’s various jobs wasn’t enough, she also spent much of the first season of “The Bad Batch” worrying that she was nothing more than a burden for her clone brothers. Yet, Omega proved remarkably durable through it all and was able to roll with the punches no matter how bad things got.

Speaking to Celebrity Wire, Michelle Ang said she felt that was her own New Zealand roots coming through in the character. She explained:

“When [Omega] feels like something is wrong, just the way that she delivers it, as matter-of-fact, and also sometimes I think the New Zealand-ness of being quite, like, weirdly casual. […] I always thought that New Zealand has this extremely casual way of talking about big things. […] And it works well in a sense with Omega’s age, so quite often my offers in the record [are] inspired by the Kiwi casualness, and I think that lends quite a specificity to Omega as a character.”

Omega’s attitude, to build on what Ang said, serves to distinguish her from the other members of Clone Force 99, along with making her a good foil to the team’s pragmatic and cautious leader, Hunter. It does raise the question, though: How will the character evolve as she continues to age and come into her own? While the “Bad Batch” season 2 premiere revealed that Omega is already noticeably more experienced and self-reliant than the last time we saw her, it’s worth keeping in mind that her journey to adulthood has only just begun.

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