How Rupert Grint Found His Irish Accent For His Role In Cherrybomb

Learning a new accent can be especially challenging for an actor. Many times, professional voice coaches are brought on set to help stars achieve authenticity with their words. In a conversation on YouTube with Celebrity Interviews, Rupert Grint talked about how he prepared for using an Irish accent on the set of “Cherrybomb” and how this particular aspect of his character wasn’t really that big of a struggle to achieve. 

“It wasn’t actually an accent,” he said. “I’m really actually that kind of familiar with it.” He went on to explain how a voice coach did help the cast to prepare for their roles through imitation by “[making] a CD actually of him kind of saying all our lines.” Grint would listen to his dialogue on his iPod (Hello, 2009!) which he found “quite handy.” He also said that he listened to a podcast by Irish comedian Patrick Kielty, as well. Though, in the end, he said the thing that helped him the most was “just being out there […] working with all the people.”  

The interviewer also asked Grint if he had any special phrases he would use to jumpstart the accent if necessary. Grint said that the phrase, “How’re you?” usually did the trick. “It’s got a weird mouth kind of thing,” he explained. For those who’ve seen the film, it’s certainly a bit of a trip to see an Irish Ron Weasley on the screen, but Grint is so masterful at bringing his character to life, that all traces of the famous Weasley brother are quickly left behind. Don’t worry, Seamus Finnigan. You’re still the most recognizable Irish wizard at Hogwarts.

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