How Salacious Crumb Became Return Of The Jedi’s Unexpected Breakout Star

His reputation is shocking contemplating Crumb is not a very good man. As issues devolve whereas Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) begins his rescue mission, this bizarre lil’ dude spends his time pulling out the eyes of trusty droid C-3PO (Anthony Daniels). Crumb was voiced by Mark Dodson and puppeteered by Tim Rose, and dealing with this little hand puppet was a little bit of a journey through the two-week shoot for the sequence in Jabba’s Palace. Kazanjian stated that when they noticed what he might do, his function was expanded. In order to create the motion for the character, the crew wanted to get a person behind Jabba the Hutt’s throne. Kazanjian defined:

“We cut a hole in Jabba’s throne and put a man under there. But that was added way late. We were fortunate that we were able to cut away some of the underneath structure and put a man in there and lie him down flat and still have the support to carry Jabba and his throne. It looks as if Salacious will speak in Huttese, but much of his performance is laughs and reactions rather than dialogue.”

Honestly, I’m typically astonished by the great thing about puppetry. If anybody on the market desires to debate whether or not Puppet Yoda is healthier than CGI Yoda, I’ll positively win with my puppet argument, although I admire the craft of digital results. As for Crumb’s efficiency, Tim Rose and legendary creature designer Phil Tippett had a hand in making him the star of the whole sequence.

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