How The Last Of Us Episode 2 Compares To The Original Video Game

Our protagonists venture through the same areas as the first chapter of the game in the same order. The scene where Ellie, Tess, and Joel leave the museum, as well as the Capitol scene, were true to the original versions. As the latter unfolded, I was blown away by how identical to the game it felt — until the end.

After Tess reveals that she’s bitten, the group realizes the infected are rushing to the Capitol. Tess tells Ellie and Joel to escape while she stays behind to keep the infected from following them. Her plan was to pour gasoline on the floor and light a fire to torch the building and, after struggling with her lighter for a bit and being harassed by an infected person, she succeeds. The building explodes, and Joel and Ellie are on to their next destination. In contrast, the Capitol was being stormed by FEDRA agents in the game. We also never see Tess’ death; once Joel and Ellie run out of frame, players linger with Tess for a moment before the screen cuts to black.

Switching the enemies from FEDRA agents to infected served the purpose of the episode better: evoking terror by showing the infected in action. It also gave Anna Torv a little more to do. Since she was only featured in two episodes, going out in a blaze of glory is a more satisfying end for her than a black screen.

Next week is sure to be the biggest departure from the game yet, as we head to Bill’s town. We’ll meet Bill and his companion, Frank, who is deceased in the games. So far, the series has been a faithful game adaptation. But its merit as a great TV show will be tested when the writers fill in the game’s gaps.

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