How The Last Of Us Episode 5 Compares To The Original Video Game

The conversation at the end of the episode between Ellie and Sam is mostly in keeping with the game. The dialogue was not exact, but the sentiments discussed were the same.

Sam asks Ellie how it seems she’s never scared, to which she questions how he could interpret her that way. After half-joking that she’s afraid of scorpions, she says that she fears being alone. Sam then asks Ellie if she thought the people still remained inside when they were overtaken by the infection. At this moment, the versions of the scene diverge.

In the game, she hesitates, unsure if that could be the case. The conversation ends shortly after when Ellie leaves the room. Sam reveals his clicker bite to the player. In the series, Sam immediately reveals his bite to Ellie. She then naively tells Sam that her blood is “medicine,” and smears her blood into his wound. She then promises to stay awake with Sam, a promise she, unfortunately, doesn’t keep.

The next morning’s events play out the same in both versions, to devastating effect. However, because Sam is much younger than Ellie in the show, the conversation beforehand and their interactions generally felt more like an older sister reassuring a younger brother. The game felt more like two peers bonding. Not good or bad in comparison, simply different.

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