How To Watch Mark Hamill’s Lost Roger Corman Movie, Virtually Heroes, At Home

First of all, if you’ve seen a lot of Roger Corman B-movies, particularly Vietnam war movies directed by Cirio Santiago, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen chunks of “Virtually Heroes” already. The film’s action is largely cobbled together using stock footage from Santiago’s movies, and Corman cheerfully admitted that it was an experiment in recycling. “I thought if I could find a way to use the big battle scenes from all of these pictures and put it together in a new picture and shoot just a short period of time to tie them all together, I could get a big-looking picture for very little money,” he said back in 2013.

But if you’re a connoisseur of Corman films (or a fan of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”) and you’re not put off by the idea of watching a mishmash of stock footage and hastily-shot new scenes with a bit of Mark Hamill thrown in, you can now watch “Virtually Heroes” in the comfort of your own home. The movie released on January 17, 2023, and can be bought or rented on Google Play and Vudu. The DVD is set to release on January 24, 2023, and “Virtually Heroes” is still expected to end up on Popcornflix eventually, though there’s no set release date yet.

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