In The White Lotus Season 2 Finale, The Best Things In Life Are Free

Valentina gets caught sleeping in the vacant room on the second floor by a maid following her tryst with Mia, but Mia conveniently stays hidden under the blankets. At breakfast, Harper calls Cameron an idiot when he claims that people aren’t supposed to succeed anymore because of the effect it has on the feelings of others, and it sets Ethan’s mind racing once again. At another table, Albie asks his father for 50,000 euros to help Lucia get out of debt to her pimp. He calls it a “karmic payment” that will be part of Dominic’s redemption for all the things he’s done, namely to Albie’s mother. Ultimately, he agrees to do it on the condition that his son put in some good words to his mother about how he’s “changed” over the course of the trip.

At the manor, Quentin walks in on Tanya examining the picture of him and Greg again — but strangely enough, he claims that the photo is of a man named Steve whom he met on a dude ranch decades earlier. She even mentions that “the resemblance is uncanny,” and it’s pretty weird in general, the whole situation. It’s beginning to feel like something bad is going to happen.

Ethan questions Harper again in their room about Cameron. He claims that she had sex with him in revenge, but she denies it … until she admits that they kissed in her and Ethan’s room after doing shots together at the bar. “It was a drunk, stupid nothing,” she says repeatedly during the scene. Ethan isn’t convinced, though, and claims that she and Cameron must have done more—and with that, he heads for the beach, where he and his former college roommate proceed to scrap and try to drown each other in the ocean.

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