Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny Director James Mangold To Direct Swamp Thing For DC Studios

Swamp Thing is a popular character in DC Comics, but his live-action adaptations have always received mixed responses. Wes Craven helmed the first feature-length film with the character back in 1982, with Jim Wynorski taking over the reins for its 1989 sequel, “The Return of Swamp Thing.” There were also two television series based on the character: USA Network’s 1990 iteration and the 2019 version that was essentially canceled due to under-budgeting.

Will James Mangold be the director who finally gives Swamp Thing the live-action project he deserves? That’s still unknown, but he certainly has the talent to make us hopeful. The filmmaker is responsible for movies like “Logan” and the upcoming “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” but if there’s any project of his that proves he could make this film work, it’s 2003’s “Identity.” It’s a legitimately dread-inducing thriller with lots of horror elements, even if it may best be remembered today for its somewhat poorly-aged twist.

Regardless, Mangold is still in early talks with DC Studios to helm “Swamp Thing,” so who knows if he’ll be behind the camera at all. Neither he nor DC has commented on THR’s news.

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