Into The Spider-Verse Was Met With A Lot Of Doubt From Studio Executives

Superhero multiverse yarns is likely to be all the craze in 2023, however the notion of flooding a story with completely different variations of Spider-Man from the Marvel universe wasn’t a right away hit with the execs. In an interview with Empire Magazine, Phil Lord addressed these doubts:

“There’ve been a bunch of multiverse things since ours came out. When we started on [‘Into the Spider-Verse’], studios were nervous that audiences wouldn’t be able to follow this idea of parallel dimensions. But audiences are smarter than people give them credit for. [Our film] opened the door for people to do things they wanted to do, but were afraid would be too out-there.”

Audiences could be good, however you must seize their creativeness to get them absolutely engaged. As evidenced by their earlier work (which additionally consists of the hilarious animated sequence “Clone High”), Lord and Chris Miller have a singular knack for dazzling viewers with narratives that seamlessly mix silliness with seriousness. It’s a miraculous high-wire act that, up to now, they effortlessly navigate each time.

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