Is A Mallrats Sequel From Kevin Smith Still Happening?

The initial plan for a second “Mallrats” sequel was to be called “Mallbrats,” having been announced back in 2015. Little else was announced at the time. 

Years later, a film called “Twilight of the Mallrats” was apparently in the works. According to a report in Entertainment Weekly back in 2020, the sequel would be about the closure of the local mall that Brodie mourned with his daughter. The film would be largely about how Brodie, a crass, forthright, comics-obsessed character, would be proven right about the state of the world. It’s worth noting that Marvel Comics bigwig Stan Lee had a cameo in the first “Mallrats,” and he and Brodie had a conversation about the lasting damage of lost love. Lee has since passed on, but Brodie isn’t the kind of character to let comics go quietly into the night. Instead, he’d rage against the dying of the oppressive fluorescent light. 

On his podcast, Smith was asked about what he was working on at the moment, and he said the following: 

“I got a bunch of things. For the first few months of the year, I’m just writing. I’ve got a bunch of writing projects for other people, so I’m unfortunately not at liberty to reveal, but some of them are f***in’ wonderful. And that’s a different beast than the stuff that I’d do for myself. What am I most looking forward to? We’re seeing some traction on ‘Mallrats 2.’ ‘Twilight of the Mallrats.’ So fingers crossed, ’cause we heard from the Lionsgate folks they’re very happy with ‘Clerks,’ with the performance of ‘Clerks III.’ Not allowed to say anything else.”

2022’s “Clerks III” was a modestly budgeted film at only $7 million. It seems it got just enough attention to make financiers perk up.

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