Is David Corenswet A Good Fit For Superman? Here’s How /Film Readers Feel

David Corenswet, who’d been eyeing the role of Superman since 2019, will likely be pretty excited to play Clark Kent/Superman, as this will surely prove to be his breakout role. Unfortunately, much of the response to his casting, at least on social media, has focused on whether the 30-year-old has the physical build required to embody Kal-El. Which, when you remember the exact same thing happened after Robert Pattinson’s casting in “The Batman,” all just seems a bit tiresome — as if no actor has ever bulked up to play a superhero. Better yet, as if actors aren’t capable of making a role their own, regardless of their physicality.

Thankfully, /Film readers are much more sensible, and have provided several thoughtful insights to our Facebook query asking what they all thought of Corenswet’s casting. Overall, the response was pretty positive, with even the skeptics taking a reasonable approach. Michael Hell, for instance, commented that even though he’s “a big fan of [Henry] Cavill,” he’s willing to “see how it turns out,” stating that “everyone deserves a chance.” Indeed they do, Michael, and Corenswet certainly has a huge chance to give fans the Superman they’ve been waiting for with “Legacy.”

And the positivity continued, with readers proclaiming their trust in James Gunn’s casting abilities. Meanwhile, Jeremy Christensen commented on Corenswet’s acting, saying, “I love it. The guy has chops. Gunn has a really solid understanding of the character and of character development. I’m excited to see what they do.” Elsewhere Bryan Perez opined that “Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ was half a decade too early,” and touched on what I think most of us are feeling by announcing that he “can’t believe [he’s] actually in the mood for a more up beat, down to earth discovery and heroic journey.”

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