James Cameron Once Compared Titanic’s Success To Getting His First Taste Of Cocaine

During a 2009 interview with Playboy, James Cameron responded to the idea that some found his Oscar speech after winning Best Director for “Titanic,” in which he proclaimed that was he was the “king of the world,’ to be clear evidence of a “highly developed ego.” Cameron’s take on that assessment is, well, unorthodox, and it doesn’t necessarily provide a sound opposing argument:

“‘Titanic’ was wildly celebrated on every possible level, so sure, I knew how good that felt. It was almost like back in the 1980s when I got a taste of coke. That door opened a crack, and I saw a glimpse of what it was like to have something more powerful than you that you have to answer to. I put it down in, like, a week when most people — everybody around me — didn’t. Getting a glimpse through that door and seeing that accolades can be so capriciously withdrawn made me know I didn’t want to base my self-value on that.”

It should be noted that if Cameron weren’t so wealthy and powerful, this kind of flippant drug commentary would be not-so-legally permissible. That said, Cameron’s comment implies some strange parameters. He is vocally aware of the power “Titanic” offered him (he personally won three Oscars for the film), and is equally aware of how good that power feels, hence the impromptu cocaine comparison. But Cameron’s statement goes on to suggest that he believes that he denied himself the joy of luxuriating in that accomplishment which, in turn, suggests that Cameron thinks saying “I’m king of the world” is a regular human thing to do. Yes, it was a topically relevant quote … but still

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