James Cameron’s Primary Reason For Making Titanic Was Diving To The Actual Shipwreck

Casual fans of James Cameron’s work might not know that the director is also an avid lover of deep-sea exploration. In fact, along with making films, Cameron is also a sea explorer for National Geographic. His fascination with the ocean goes all the way back to his childhood when he would look up to other explorers like Jacques Cousteau and Joe MacInnis, hoping to someday achieve similar feats himself.

In 2012, Cameron did, in fact, embark on his own impressive deep-sea adventure, diving all the way down to the deepest part of the Mariana Trench which is also believed to be the deepest part of the ocean. What made his trip so monumental was the fact that he was the first person to accomplish this trip alone. But while this was his first solo trip into the Challenger Deep, it was not his first time exploring the deep wonders of the ocean.

The director has also showcased his love of deep-sea adventures through a handful of documentaries focusing on various elements of the ocean and its mysteries. But one specific mystery — the sunken Titanic — was something Cameron had to go to great lengths to get to explore.

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