James Gunn Sold Lots Of DC Comics, Emma Roberts Isn’t A Superhero In Madame Web & More

Very little, by way of specifics, has been revealed about Sony’s “Madame Web” movie. We know it is going to be based on the “Spider-Man” character of the same name, and that it has a pretty impressive cast led by Dakota Johnson. Beyond that? Right next to nothing. But one of its stars, Emma Roberts, recently appeared on the “Shut Up Evan” podcast to reveal one tidbit: she’s not playing a superhero. That’s right! If nothing else, we know here character doesn’t have powers, or anything of the like. In Roberts’ own words:

“What I can tell you is I’m not a superhero. Some people may think she’s a superhero but not […] like I don’t have supernatural powers. So I can tell you that. […] It’s really different from any of the other Marvel movies, it’s super grounded. I love that it has so many great actresses, it’s really female-driven, and I just think it’s not going to be what people expect.”

So, where does that leave us? In a place to speculate wildly about who she could be playing, I suppose. Do so amongst yourselves, if you please. “Madame Web” is set to hit theaters on February 16, 2024.

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