James Gunn Was ‘Very Afraid’ Of That One-Take Action Scene In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

When developing the scene, James Gunn was sensible, recalling all of the onerous work it required. He defined:

“It just took a lot of planning. Wayne Dalglish and I, who is an incredibly talented stunt coordinator — he was co-coordinator with Heidi Moneymaker on this — it was basically his baby. And we started putting that together months and months before. At the very beginning of shooting, and we shot that near the end of shooting. The very end of shooting. And that whole time, we just did different iterations of it, shooting it with the stunt people, putting some post-viz in, but mostly with stunt people. And we just did it again and again and again.” 

In spending a lot time engaged on the one sequence, it appears there was a number of experimentation happening. Gunn spent loads of time rehearsing the scene, permitting him to determine the pacing and the way a lot visible thrill he’d have the ability to virtually insert into it. He was additionally a bit cautious of retaining the movie’s PG-13 score, because the violence was fairly excessive (as these types of motion sequences are likely to go). But in the long run, all of it labored out. In Gunn’s phrases:

“At one point, it was longer, and it was a little shorter, and it just kept going on and on and on and on. I was very afraid of it because I was afraid of the MPAA because it’s pretty brutal. But it ended up being fine, and yeah, we put a lot of work in.”

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