James Gunn Went To Great Lengths On Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 To Avoid Deleted Scenes

As Gunn advised Collider: 

“No. The thing for me is, I work hard to not have deleted scenes. This movie probably has the fewest deleted scenes because it was pretty tight. I worked on this screenplay, for a lot of reasons, way longer than I worked on the other screenplays. The screenplay took me way longer to write than both the first two movies, so, it was pretty worked out by the time we got to soundstage.”

This is, in fact, Gunn’s final anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie now that he and producer Peter Safran are working the DC Universe. It stands to cause that he would have spent numerous time on the ultimate script. Plus, this was Gunn’s (and our) goodbye to those characters that he took from relative unknowns to a few of the hottest on the market. Seriously, are you able to think about an MCU with out Groot and Rocket? 

So what are we going to get so far as extras when the movie is launched for house viewing? Gunn continued: 

“You know, we were going through the deleted scenes the other day because we start to put those together for when the movie is eventually released on home video and all that, and there’s not really that many deleted scenes. There’s two? There’s lots of fat, like a lot of it was just cutting fat and making it move faster and more succinctly, but it’s more about speeding it up. So there’s extended scenes more than deleted scenes.”

I do not find out about you, however I’ll take what I can get from Gunn’s work. “Guardians Vol. 3” did not go away something on the desk, and we’re allegedly going to see Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) once more not less than. We all might want much more, however we won’t say we did not get a correct goodbye.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” is at the moment in theaters. 

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