James Gunn’s DCU Plans Take Inspiration From DC’s Animated Series

James Gunn took to Twitter to once again answer questions about the new DC Universe, giving a resounding “Definitely” when asked if animated DC shows like “Justice League Unlimited” and “Young Justice” served as inspiration for the new DC Universe.

Shows like “Justice League Unlimited,” “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Young Justice” remain the best example of superhero stories that capture the feeling of an actual comic book. They are colorful, silly when they have to, absurd and fantastical, but serious, earnest, uncynical, and all-around fantastic. 

Take “Young Justice,” a show with serialized storytelling across several seasons that still finds a way to make individual episodes feel important, standalone, and fun. 

It also knows how to embrace every aspect and corner of the DC universe, from the magic, to the horror, to the cosmic, even adapting Jack Kirby’s “Fourth World” in exciting ways, all while serving as a blueprint for telling multigenerational superhero stories that are about legacy, and new people taking up the mantle of the old heroes.

Rather than try to emulate live-action movies, Gunn and his team should definitely look towards the animated world for inspiration in translating the cartoonish world of comic books to the big screen.

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