James Wan On Fun Horror, The Dangers Of Technological Dependency, And All Things M3GAN [Exclusive Interview]

I’ve gotta ask, what was your response to seeing people just absolutely lose their minds over just the “M3GAN” teaser?

I think it speaks well for the film. I think what they’re seeing from the trailer is just a sort a slice of what the actual movie is. So I’m excited. I’m just excited for them to see the actual film itself and see where kind of all the funness within the trailer comes from.

Absolutely. I went to a Halloween party this year and somebody came dressed as M3GAN.

That’s incredible.

Even with just a trailer to go off, she was already in full costume, abandoning anything she had planned.

That’s pretty cool. That means that somehow, so quickly it sort of tapped into the zeitgeist of things.

Because M3GAN has been so memeable and so funny, how do you think people are going to react when they actually see just how evil she can be?

Well, M3GAN is in the evil doll genre, so from the get-go, you kind of know you have that to expect. You’re not going to go into this expecting a comedy — a lighthearted, family Christmas movie. That it’s not. And so it’s good. But that’s the thing I think that is so great about the film, is that it really sort of walks that fine line of terror and suspense, right? When M3GAN gets up to no good, she really gets up to no good. But at the same time, she’s also really darkly humorous. And I think that’s a great balance that Gerard [Johnstone] was able to find and walk that fine line with her.

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