Jason Momoa’s Fast X Villain Is A ‘Driver Antagonist’ Who Is ‘Obsessed With Dom Toretto’

The creative team behind the “Fast and Furious” franchise is no stranger to saying some rather wild things to market these soap operas disguised as meathead movies. Without even getting into the Vin Diesel vs The Rock of it all, Diesel’s gone ahead and likened the mythology of these movies to J.R.R. Tolkien (seriously, he said that) while co-star Tyrese Gibson decided to compare Diesel to Jesus Christ himself. We’re through the looking glass here, people.

He’s not the only one feeling particularly spiritual about “Fast X,” however. In an extensive interview with Esquire Middle East, director Louis Leterrier teased what audiences can expect from Jason Momoa’s villainous Dante, who we met for the first time in the recent trailer:

“Yeah, he’s a different type of a villain, not only for the franchise. He’s the type of antagonist that I’ve rarely seen before in any movie. He’s the man who has studied his enemy almost like an obsessed fan. He’s also the polar opposite of Dom. He’s all color and flamboyance. It’s the yin and yang, the Christ and the anti-Christ — the anti-Dom.”

That’s … definitely one way to describe it! While skeptics might raise an eyebrow at how those involved seem to be a little over-excited about the narrative potential of “Fast X” (as has also been reported, Letterier had to do quite a few rewrites to the script once he joined the project), I for one sincerely hope this movie goes fully biblical on us and delivers the Satan vs God standoff that we deserve from this saga. After all, naming a character Dante couldn’t possibly be a coincidence, could it?

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