Jason Momoa’s Fast X Villain Is The Best Fast And Furious Baddie, And It’s Not Even Close

In some ways, Dante is the “Fast and Furious” reply to the Joker, a comic book guide agent of chaos who delights in wreaking havoc. He just isn’t considering taking up the world or amassing a big fortune. All he needs is to trigger ache whereas laughing it off. 

A variety of this has to do with Jason Momoa’s efficiency. As Ethan Anderton wrote in his evaluate of the movie, Momoa “goes from being a gender-fluid cartoon character dressed in colorful, flowing fabrics and ample accessories […] to being a sadistic psychopath in the same breath.”

Indeed, in his most Joker-like scene, Dante is seen giving mani-pedis to 2 henchmen, earlier than it is revealed they’re corpses that Dante who he talks to as previous buddies whereas they slowly rot. 

Dante can be funnier than another villain within the franchise, one who understands deeply the absurdity of the “Fast and Furious” films and of the household, and who rises to their stage and matches that absurdity. If the household is now stuffed with superheroes, then Dante is a supervillain. He just isn’t a Bond villain like Cipher or a superspy like Deckard Shaw, however somebody who laughs it off as he prompts a bomb to destroy the Vatican. He by no means personally pulls a gun on Dom however as an alternative hovers his palms on dozens of different weapons as in the event that they had been his, and his scrunchy and style sense converse louder than phrases about how a lot enjoyable he’s having.

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