Jason Momoa’s Villain Motivation Explained

“Fast Five” is just not some obscure reference to carry into “Fast X,” as a result of it’s the film that modified the whole lot for the franchise. This is the place the saga went from being about racing to being about household. In it, we noticed your complete household turn into criminals and unite your complete gang as we now comprehend it, together with Gisele and Han, Tej and Roman, and even Leo and Santos. And it is also the place the motion actually kicked up a notch.

At the tip of the movie, the gang performs their largest feat of superhuman power till that time, as they actually dragged an entire secure vault throughout the streets of Rio de Janeiro, stealing $100 million in money. The money belonged to Hernan Reyes, a corrupt politician and drug lord. This we knew, however “Fast X” reveals — in typical “Fast and Furious” vogue — that wasn’t the entire story.

It seems Dante was additionally there that day. He is Hernan’s son, inheritor to his whole fortune, and he was additionally actually proper on the scene as Dom and the household dragged the vault away. In reality, Dante was even driving the car with the machine gun on the roof that Dom annihilated by throwing the vault at it.

Dante’s complete motivation throughout “Fast X” is that he’s obsessive about avenging the occasions of “Fast Five” and the loss of life of his father, because it left him with out a household and with out his heritage. The occasions of that movie additionally left him lifeless for 2 minutes, which explains his unhinged nature, as he was out and in of psychological establishments after this life-changing second.

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