Jennifer Coolidge Wants An Origin Prequel For Her Character On The White Lotus (But Won’t Ask For It)

“The White Lotus” was set in two locations each season, with a new ensemble cast. This year, we saw a new group head to Siciliy — all new faces, but one vibrant, colorful, caftan-loving, sunglasses-wearing character returned. Coolidge’s Tanya is so memorable it’s impossible not to be curious about her long after the season has ended. You want to know all about her. How was her relationship with her mother? What was she like before the tragic, life-altering death? Who are her friends? Did Tanya spend her days partying and traveling to different destinations? It’s a neat idea.

Jennifer Coolidge is rather excited about the possibility of having a prequel. Not only does the actress possess the charm necessary to lead a series, but she’s so hilarious and endlessly fascinating that we’d watch her do anything (her dream role is to play a dolphin, by the way). During the premiere of her new movie “Shotgun Wedding,” the actress told Variety she was on board for her character to have an origin story, as long as others persuaded creator Mike White to get the ball rolling. She didn’t want to ask, in case she came across as a “whiner or something.”

“If you can get that going … you’re going to run into [White], I know you are. Tell him.”

Jason Moore’s “Shotgun Wedding” stars Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel as a couple whose wedding is ruined when kidnappers take their guests, hostage. In the film, Coolidge plays Duhamel’s mother, Carol. And she has some things in common with Tanya: she loves to be the center of attention, she talks really fast, and she catches people off guard. And she always is incredible — when it’s Coolidge, we’d hope for nothing else.

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