Jennifer Lawrence Was Missing Teeth For Most Of Filming Don’t Look Up

Snacking can be a dangerous proposition. In my case, it usually means eating far more chips than I should be eating. For Jennifer Lawrence, it turned out to actually cause physical damage. On “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” back in 2021, Lawrence revealed that snacking on a lollipop — or, as someone like her from Kentucky would say, a sucker — caused her to lose a tooth. Well, not exactly a tooth:

“Eating a sucker. It was really stupid. It was a veneer, but if anyone knows what is underneath a veneer, it’s much worse. It’s like this pointy fang. And so I lost that, and I couldn’t go to the dentist because of COVID. So they just CG-ed my tooth.”

That sounds bad, but then you realize that veneers don’t exactly work like that. You aren’t really going to have a single veneer for one tooth, and that’s it. On her recent appearance on “Hot Ones,” Lawrence clarified the extent of the issue, saying, “It wasn’t just one tooth because I have veneers. I had a whole section missing.” Of course there are plenty of people in the world who have damaged or are missing teeth, but for a big, glossy, movie star-driven Hollywood production, it would have admittedly been rather distracting to see one of the most famous women in the world on the big screen (or on Netflix for most people) missing teeth for seemingly no reason. 

Adam McKay, who relies quite a lot on improvisation in his filmmaking, maybe could have found a way to make that work, but this sucker incident occurred during production. Stuff had already been shot. Can’t see a dentist? Call up the visual effects artists. If only real-life dental problems could be fixed that way …

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