Jerry Seinfeld’s Leadership On Seinfeld Set A High Bar For Sonya Eddy

“Seinfeld” was the standard of comedy by the time it reached its final seasons — the same two seasons Eddy appeared in. For the actress, being on the show was like being officially indoctrinated into a club made up of the world’s funniest people.

“To be on that set, I felt like I had been vetted in a way,” she explained. “Like okay, now I know I’m funny.” Eddy was certainly more than just funny — she was hilarious. She even managed to make Larry David laugh during her audition and improvised her own lines during the live taping of “The Bookstore,” including her threat to punch George “in the brain.”

“Seinfeld” was an all-around positive experience for Eddy, and it set a high standard for her other work. “I tell every single person the day that I get my own show, I’m going to run my show like Jerry Seinfeld did,” Eddy said in praise of the comedian. “Because I have never and still have yet to be on a set where everybody was pulling equally hard to make it a great show.” The cast and crew weren’t just motivated by the success (and hilarity) of the series, Eddy explained:

“They all wanted to [work hard] because everybody loved Jerry, and Jerry knew everybody’s names. I was — I was flabbergasted, because usually they know who they see everyday, but they don’t know maybe the PAs that, you know, get turned out left, right and center, you know, just popping him in and swapping him out, but he was really good at that. […] I thought he was a really good captain, because he made everybody feel important.”

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