Jimmy Fallon’s Band of Brothers Cameo Was Complicated By Not Knowing How to Drive

Jimmy Fallon is being considerably modest concerning the quantity of dialogue he had in “Band of Brothers.” In actuality, his character spouts off various strains as he drives via a crowd of troopers. This begins with the road, “Make a hole! I got ammo! Grab what you can!” Fallon then exchanges extra dialogue with “Band of Brothers” stars Damien Lewis and Ron Livingstone earlier than driving off once more — or being pushed off, because the case could also be.

It seems Fallon was so misplaced attempting to function the jeep’s handbook transmission that it did certainly result in two crew members lastly pushing the automobile from behind, to present it the phantasm of ahead momentum whereas Fallon tried to behave. As he instructed “The Tonight Show” viewers in 2018, the expertise was nerve-wracking:

“I’m so nervous. There’s like 200 extras. So I drive, I hit my spot. I go, ‘Good luck, boys,’ and I forget to press the clutch, and these two dudes are pushing the car, and the wheels aren’t moving because the clutch isn’t in. I don’t know how they made it work, but they made it work.”

Despite his lack of driving potential, the irony is that Fallon continues, to this very day, to headline a motion-simulator attraction at Universal Studios Florida: “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The experience entails him driving a go-kart via the streets of New York. It simply goes to point out that generally you actually could make it for those who pretend it, even behind the wheel of a automobile onscreen.

All 10 episodes of “Band of Brothers” are presently streaming on HBO Max.

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