Jon Bon Jovi Wrote His Young Guns II Song Over Dinner With Kiefer Sutherland And Emilio Estevez

According to Yahoo!, Emilio Estevez had initially approached Bon Jovi to use “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” but Bon Jovi didn’t think the lyrics suited the film. The singer/songwriter read the script and came up with “Blaze of Glory” really quickly. The song went on to reach #1 with the eponymous album (inspired by the film and Bon Jovi’s first solo offering) hitting double platinum. 

As Estevez’s co-star, Kiefer Sutherland told the Independent:

“We were out having a bunch of drinks and something to eat with Emilio Estevez (who played Billy the Kid) and Jon said: ‘Here’s the first song. Here’s the single.’ He pushed across these napkins that he’d been writing on all through dinner, which was maybe 20 minutes, and he’d got the whole of ‘Blaze of Glory’ written down on three napkins. I’m looking at him going: ‘You really just wrote this now?’ Six months later, I was in Montana trying to find a TV for my house, and as I walk into the store every TV in the place has Jon Bon Jovi singing “Blaze of Glory” on it. I was like: ‘You son of a b****, you really did it!’ He’s a badass songwriter, and that’s a clever song.”

That’s pretty mind-blowing. Plus, we’re all still singing it over 30 years later. If that wasn’t enough, “Blaze of Glory” was nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards that year. If you want to do a rewatch, Prime Video both films for free with a subscription. 

Now, go forth and sing your heart out. The neighbors are only complaining because you’re not loud enough. 

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