Jonah Hill Meets The Parents In A New Kenya Barris Comedy

Bringing the two families together goes about as well as expected: Ezra’s parents can’t help but blurt out microaggressions while Amira’s parents not-so-subtly judge her boyfriend based on appearance. And in case you missed out on the moral being broadcasted throughout the trailer, Dr. Dre’s “What’s The Difference?” is blaring in the background to keep you informed!

When they all join together for dinner, it sparks an argument so awkward (which marginalized group has suffered more?) that it gave me war flashbacks to another Netflix project: the infamous “Ginny and Georgia” Oppression Olympics scene.

But have no fear, the lead couple has a love so strong that the promise of endless uncomfortable situations won’t break their bond. Despite all they’ve endured, Ezra is determined to make things work. “We’ve built a pretty awesome life together,” he tells Amira. “We just need to protect it.” Obviously, they have their work cut out for them, but given we’ve basically seen this film done a million times before, it’ll surely work out in the end.

“You People” debuts on Netflix on January 27, 2023.

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