Jonathan Kasdan Says That Willow Credits Tease Doesn’t Guarantee A Season 2

Kasdan spoke to The Wrap after the “Willow” finale, and the conversation naturally turned to the issue of those three volumes. Surprisingly, the scene in question was “not a tease of any kind” to the series creator, who explained, “that three-act structure is so ingrained in who I am, that when we got to the end of this season, it really felt like it was the first act of a movie.” He continued:

“My expectation as a viewer and as a fan is that when the stories begin, the narrator or author has some intention for where they might end and not an expectation that they’re just going to go on forever … My intent with this and as a fan first was that we were going to tell a story and it was going to be a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And if it ended after one season, that was not what any of us were intending.”

Well, if the “Willow” team is intent on three seasons, it must follow that a series renewal in on the way … right? “I honestly have no idea,” Kasdan told The Wrap. “These shows take so long to make. And particularly in the machinery of a company like Lucasfilm, the attitude that I’m presented with is, ‘Get typing kid, and we’ll let you know if it’s not happening.'”

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