Jonathan Majors Studied Tom Hiddleston’s Performance After He Was Cast In Loki

Both “Loki” and “Quantumania” present Majors with the task of facing two different heroes. Keeping that in mind, he talks about how the power that comes with playing someone like Kang comes down to how he must first bend his opponent’s trust in order to get what he wants:

“The prep really comes down to who my director is and who my hero is. Because as an antagonist, we’re following our heroes. You know, in this case, I have a few to kind of look at and break down, which is the fun part. I look at them and I figure out, okay, you can’t antagonize somebody if you don’t know who they are, if you don’t know what’s the opposite of them, if you don’t know what their hopes and dreams are. My objective is to do that: antagonize in order to get what I need to fulfill my life, my dream.”

It would seem that Kang is focusing a lot of his efforts on Scott, but the entire Pym family is trapped there with him. If he can sweet talk Baskin Robbins’ golden boy into giving him what he wants, then what’s to stop him from whispering into the ear of Hope (Evangeline Lily) or Cassie (Kathryn Newton)? When you watch him in “Loki,” Majors is so charismatic that you kind of buy into what he’s saying, despite the terrible events that led to their meetup. The only question is whether Ant-Man will be making it out alive to see the destruction he’s inadvertently helped cause.

“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is set to hit theaters on February 17, 2023.

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