Justin Roiland Reportedly Hasn’t Contributed Creatively To Rick And Morty Or Solar Opposites In Years

Of course, the most important takeaway is that Justin Roiland has been removed from any position of influence in these various shows. Unfortunately, the THR report reveals even more disturbing details that indicate a pattern of inappropriate workplace behavior stretching back years, including at least one instance of alleged sexual harassment during production on the third season of “Rick and Morty.” Now that he’ll no longer be able to victimize anyone else in a professional setting, the question of just how much creative involvement Roiland maintained in these projects — despite his name prominently displayed in all the marketing — now appears much clearer.

Given that multiple staff writers describe to THR that they never even met Roiland a single time during production on “Rick and Morty,” “Solar Opposites,” or “Koala Man,” it’s fair to say that his sudden removal from these shows will have only a minimal effect on ongoing storylines and other creative decisions. The only major side effect that viewers will experience, as it turns out, will be recasting Roiland for his voice acting roles as both Rick and Morty, as well as the alien character Korvo in “Solar Opposites.” When the smoke finally clears, one of the most rapidly-rising names in the animation business will have nobody to blame but himself for his stunning fall from grace.

Roiland is expected back in court for another hearing in April before his criminal trial begins.

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