Kate Capshaw Had To Self-Medicate Before Her Bug-Filled Indiana Jones 2 Scene

In a cute exchange between Kate Capshaw and Spielberg, the actress mock-cried when she saw the bugs. Spielberg turns to the camera and smirks that she promised she would do the bug scene if she opted out of doing “the snakes.” Capshaw immediately stops crying, smiles, and says she’ll “do the bugs.” That doesn’t mean, however, that she wasn’t supremely creeped out at the prospect. In an interview, Capshaw even wondered if she should take something — maybe get high — before shooting the scene just so she wouldn’t be too afraid while being coated with enormous insects. She said:

“I was really asking people: is there a pill? There must be something I can take to keep myself from freaking out. I don’t want everyone to look at the movie and say ‘She’s on drugs!’ But I did take something that was like a relaxant.” 

Because of the unnamed relaxant, Capshaw was in a much more amenable mood when it came to being coated with bugs. She recalled her mood on the day of shooting, and how the chemicals in her system allowed her to accept the difficult cockroach-related task. There were several buckets involved. She said:

I came to the set, and I was like [languid] ‘Hi, Steven!’ He said ‘We’re gonna do the bugs.’ I said [languid] ‘Okay.’ He said ‘I’ll stand with you.’ [languid] ‘Okay.’ He said ‘Stand here and we’re gonna pour some bugs on top of you.’ [languid] ‘Alright. Where will they be coming from?’ ‘Well, we’re gonna pour a bunch of buckets of bugs from up above you … it’s gonna be several buckets.’ [languid] ‘Okay.’ That’s how I was the entire day.”

Kudos to Capshaw for gutting it out. 

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