Keanu Reeves And Alex Winter Fought For The Wild Plot Of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Additional oddities from “Bogus Journey” included an evil granny also played by Winter, a demonic Easter Bunny, a scene of demonic possession, a strange causality loop, and a marriage proposal. In the end, Death joins the band. 

In a 2020 video oral history of the “Bill & Ted” movies hosted by Rotten Tomatoes, Reeves said that he really enjoyed how strange the movie was, and appreciated that he and Winter would each be playing at least two characters. He called the film a “unique meal.” Co-screenwriter Chris Matheson recalls the post-“Excellent Adventure” success sharply, and that he and his writing partner Ed Solomon wanted to put a sequel into production as quickly as possible. 

A fun piece of trivia: the Joss Ackland character in “Bogus Journey” is named De Nomolos, which is Ed Solomon backwards. 

Matheson said that he and Solomon’s first idea for a sequel — and one that the studios pushed for — would have been very similar to the first. Having passed history, Bill and Ted would now have to pass their English class. A magical futuristic device would allow them to infiltrate various works of literature. Matheson is on record as not liking that idea, and it was eventually used as the premise of the two short-lived “Bill & Ted” TV shows. Matheson’s and Solomon’s second idea was essentially “Bill & Ted Go to Hell,” and involved all the weird s*** listed above. The studio hated it and mandated that the English class version be made.

 Luckily for Matheson’s sanity, his lead actors stepped in to rescue their preferred project.

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