Keanu Reeves Called In His Real-Life Tailor To Fill The Role For John Wick 2

In a 2 Film Critics interview, Derek Kolstad spoke about wanting the film to “not only look good,” but “make sense.” Part of maintaining a level of realism between the outlandish gun-fu action sequences involved consulting experts. With the Sommelier scene, for instance, the screenwriter was given information on all the weapons and how they work from the film’s stunt team. When it came to the tailor scene, however, Keanu Reeves had his own ideas. As Kolstad explained:

“The tailor in the movie really is Keanu Reeves’ tailor. We had a Chinese tailor written into the script and Keanu said, ‘The Chinese are good tailors, but the best tailors are Italian.’ We did a screen test with his tailor, and [director] Chad [Stahelski] said, ‘Let’s go with him.'”

But Luca Mosca was more than just Reeves’ personal tailor. He had designed the costumes for the first and second films at that point, and continues to work on the franchise to this day. In a Slashfilm interview with Kolstad, he elaborates on Mosca’s cameo in “John Wick: Chapter 2,” saying:

“[Mosca is] great, and he dressed Keanu in the first one, and he did all the design, the clothing, and they were trying to figure out who the tailor would be, and Chad had him read, and he’s the tailor in the movie. I think it’s so great. He deserves a little bit of the press because he’s such a great guy.”

Mosca’s appearance certainly adds some believability to proceedings. His quick-fire questions about how many buttons John Wick wants, and how he wants the pants cut, are quite clearly coming from a place of experience. It’s these little details that add to the majesty of the “John Wick” franchise.

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