Keanu Reeves-Led Constantine Sequel Is Still Happening Despite DC Universe Slate Changes

The Constantine character was made popular by Alan Moore and Stephen R. Bissette for the “Hellblazer” comics, under DC’s Vertigo banner. /Film’s own Danielle Ryan wrote extensively about how characters from Vertigo could fit into the DC Universe slate, especially considering that Swamp Thing is getting his own feature. The 2005 “Constantine” film has never really fit within the canon of DC superhero movies, so anything different would be a first. Then again, James Gunn and Peter Safran said there would be more projects to be announced for their initial “Gods and Monsters” chapter of the DC Universe, so maybe we’ll be surprised.

Regardless of where “Constantine 2” fits in the new DC lineup, it’s a relief to know such a highly-anticipated project is not going away. Keanu Reeves is just as popular now (if not more so) than he was in 2005 thanks to the “John Wick” series, so an older, grittier version of John Constantine is like a fan-fic pitch come to life. “Constantine” may not have been the most comic-book-accurate interpretation of the character, but watching Reeves banish demons to hell was too fun to ignore. There’s still no anticipated release date for “Constantine 2,” but we’ll be eagerly awaiting updates as they are made available.

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