Ken Russell’s Tommy Knew Exactly How To Utilize The Talents Of Tina Turner

“The Acid Queen” is a music written by Pete Townshend particularly for The Who’s rock opera album “Tommy.” In the unique recording, Townshend sang the lead vocal, however Turner fully modified the music perpetually when performing it in character for Ken Russell’s movie adaptation. The music is concerning the titular Tommy’s dad and mom’ makes an attempt to attempt to treatment his disabilities. His dad and mom are prepared to attempt absolutely anything, which incorporates leaving him in an eccentric drug den with the self-proclaimed “Acid Queen,” who masses him up with hallucinogenic medicine and performs the quantity in a sexually provocative method. She hopes that by liberating his thoughts and galvanizing him to liberate his physique, he’ll in some way be “fixed.”

Townshend stated within the e-book “The Who by Numbers,” that the music is “not just about acid: it’s the whole drug thing, the drink thing, the sex thing wrapped into one big ball […] She represents this force.”

The position within the movie was initially provided to The Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, however he refused until he was in a position to sing three of his personal songs. Mick Jagger turned down a job until he bought to be the focal point? Color me shocked! Fortunately, his rejection led to the casting of Tina Turner, who fully made the music (and position) her personal in an incomparable efficiency. The Acid Queen might have been unsuccessful in aiding Tommy, however Turner’s rendition of the music has turn out to be the definitive model. She recorded a model of the music on her eponymous Acid Queen album in 1975, her single earlier than her departure from the Ike & Tina Turner Revue in 1976.

For the file, f*** Ike Turner.

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