Kevin Feige Had to Occasionally Stop The Marvels Director from Being a Comic Nerd

Yes, DaCosta was familiar with Ms. Marvel going into the project and is likely familiar with the way the character’s powers have been changed to fit her live-action iteration. Indeed, DaCosta found a kinship with Kamala Khan in that they both were nerds from nearby neighborhoods. She said: 

“I’m a big nerd from New York City, and here was this hero who was a big nerd from Jersey City, writing fan fiction the way I used to when I was that age. […] It was really fun to feel close to that character in that really specific way, in a way you don’t often feel when it’s Iron Man or Thor. That was so exciting to me, knowing that I could be a part of bringing this character who I’ve loved for a decade to the big screen.”

Kamala Khan is played by Iman Vellani, reprising her role from the TV series “Ms. Marvel,” of which DaCosta directed an episode. Vellani noted that DaCosta’s nerdiness wasn’t so important on set as her professionalism. The actress said that DaCosta was able to keep morale on set very high, which is a difficult task given the scope and budget of the production. “She has a really calm vibe,” Vellani said. 

When it came to Kevin Feige, however, DaCosta admits she lost her cool a little bit. Not that she has a temper. She just fell back on her nerd instincts and began thinking of Ms. Marvel in her 2013 iteration and not Ms. Marvel on the screen. 

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