Kevin Spacey Grabbed Alleged Victim’s Penis U.K. Court Hears

Kevin Spacey allegedly grabbed a man’s genitalia after bombarding him with aggressively sexual comments during a charity event, a U.K. court heard today.

The prosecution played the alleged victim’s pre-recorded police interview to the jury on Wednesday morning, in which he said that Spacey had arrived at the event in 2005 in the middle of the morning smelling of alcohol and looking as though he had been up all night.

After the complainant found himself briefly alone with Spacey, he said the actor bombarded him with aggressive sexual questions, including asking him “Have we fucked?,” “Do you have a big cock?” and “What’s your cock like?”

The victim said he felt “shocked” by the comments, especially because they were at a charity event. “I was laughing it off but inside I was feeling really uncomfortable,” the alleged victim, who cannot be named publicly under U.K. law, told police.

He said Spacey then “grabbed my genitalia.” Expanding, he said: “He grabbed me with such a force it was painful.” The alleged victim claimed Spacey’s grip was “quite strong” and he had to push the actor off of him. “It wasn’t in any way romantic or flattering,” the man said. “It wasn’t like a caress, it was like a grab.”

After pushing Spacey off and saying something along the lines of “I’m not like that,” the complainant alleged that in response Spacey laughed.

“I remember freezing, pushing his arm away and walking away and just feeling shellshocked and frustrated and kind of horrible that someone would think I’m that seedy and sleazy and dirty,” the alleged victim said.

Spacey is on trial at Southwark Crown Court in London, U.K. over 12 counts of sexual assault against four men. On Monday, the court heard that another complainant had been hit in the crotch with such force he had almost driven a car off the road.

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