Learn How To Make That Delicious Cheeseburger From The Menu, Thanks To Binging With Babish

In “The Menu,” Chef Slowik creates the cheeseburger for Margot after she tells him how terrible his high-concept meal was. She just wants a cheeseburger after sitting and waiting for food all night only to be given strange tidbits to nibble on, so he sets out to make her the best cheeseburger he can. It’s a pretty simple burger: two beef patties, smashed on a hot griddle with onions seared into one side; a couple of slices of American cheese because it melts without splitting; and a sesame seed bun. She even gets some crinkle-cut fries.

Rea creates a quick and easy version for audiences at home using frozen and pre-made materials, then he makes one from scratch that’s going to require a whole lot more skill (and equipment). Both burgers and their fries look pretty tasty, and the one he makes from scratch looks absolutely incredible, but who has time to knead their own brioche dough for buns? There has to be a happy medium between the two, with some pre-bought but fresh buns and some good cheese. (Not American. Chef Slowik can fight me on that one, because American cheese is gross and should not be put on any burger.) Rea makes his own “American” style cheese, but for the rest of us, some melted medium cheddar or Colby Jack is sure to do the trick.

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