Live-Action Spider-Man Noir Series Is In Development At Prime Video

Spider-Man Noir was first introduced into the Marvel comics canon in 2009, with an arc created by David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky. That story is set during the Great Depression and features a more hard-boiled, morally gray version of the hero who acts as a vicious vigilante. Another Spider-Man Noir arc was published beginning in 2020, with Margaret Stohl as its writer, and took place in 1939 just before the start of World War II. That comic run saw the antihero leaving NYC for Europe while investigating the death of a woman at a nightclub.

While the leap to Prime Video may seem like a huge web-slinging swing for the Sony-controlled Marvel hero, it’s not unprecedented: in November, news broke that Prime Video would be getting into the Sony superhero business, starting with “Silk: Spider Society.” That series is also set to be produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who have an overall deal with Sony Pictures Television, and has former “The Walking Dead” showrunner Angela Kang on board to oversee the series. “Silk: Spider Society” will follow Cindy Moon, the Korean-American teenager who became the hero Silk in a 2014 Spider-Man comics run. It looks like Prime Video is building its own Spider-Verse of sorts. Between this, Marvel’s ongoing slate of Disney+ series, and the plans for several HBO Max DC shows, it sounds like superheroes have officially taken over the small screen as well as the big one.

The untitled Spider-Man Noir show has no set release date at this time, but is in development for Prime Video.

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