M. Night Shyamalan Sees His Movies’ Marketing As ‘Part Of The Storytelling’

In the same interview, he points out that Tremblay’s novel and his adaptation are years apart, separated by seismic changes in the world.

“Paul Tremblay, wrote [the book] right around the time Trump was elected. He was feeling certain things about the world. It’s really interesting that maybe he wrote it then, and I’m making a different version of the story here. It’s a wonderful discussion that we’re all going to have when you watch the movie. Is humanity worth saving? Are we good? The human experiment – is this working?”

So while Tremblay’s book provided the foundation for the story, Shyamalan has taken its big themes into his own hands. There’s obviously more to this story than the trailer wants us to believe, but we’ll have to wait until the film arrives in theaters to get clear answers — and even then, I won’t be surprised if we’re all still scratching our heads as the credits roll.

The latest issue of TotalFilm, including the full interview with Shyamalan, hits newsstands on Thursday, January 12. “Knock At The Cabin” hits theaters next month, on February 3, 2023.

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