M3GAN review: “A l0t of 4un but short on fr1ghts”

M3GAN, the latest dispatch from the Blumhouse of horror, is a demon-doll caper whose title is an acronym for “Model 3 Generative Android”. Or to put it another way, a “Barbie on steroids” that’s also amusingly hyped at one point as “the apex of 21st-century technology, wrapped up in four feet of silicon!”

It’s this vein of knowing humour that sets the movie apart from the Annabelles and Chuckys of this world. Throughout, director Gerard Johnstone (2014’s Housebound) and writer Akela Cooper (Malignant) always have a snappy line or droll music cue up their sleeves to tickle the audience. “Remember this moment,” toy mogul David (Ronny Chieng) orders his underlings after inventor Gemma (Allison Williams) unveils the angelic-looking A.I. companion she’s been working on. “It’s the moment we kicked Hasbro right in the dick!” 

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