Mark Hamill Is Relieved He Didn’t Win An Emmy For His Star Wars: The Clone Wars Role

In the 2014 “Clone Wars” episode, which served because the sequence finale till the seventh season was introduced in 2018, Hamill performed the specter of Darth Bane. This Sith Lord lived a thousand years earlier than the occasions of the Clone Wars. Back then, there have been many, many Sith. However, Darth Bane was the only survivor after infighting of their ranks led to their destruction. In “Star Wars” lore, Darth Bane created the Rule of Two, stating that there may solely be one Master and one Apprentice. 

In the episode, Master Yoda (voice of Tom Kane) travels to the traditional Sith world of Moraband to go a take a look at to be taught extra concerning the Force and the way he can stay after his personal demise. Darth Bane seems to him from his grave, threatening him in an otherworldly voice. Director Dave Filoni mentioned in a interview, “I thought, wow, what a great, bizarre reflection to have Mark play, like, the ultimate side of good and light, and then the, kind of, the father of old, ancient evil.” Hamill’s voice for Darth Bane was created by having him report not one however two totally different variations of the voice. Then sound designers Matthew Wood and David Acord layered them on high of one another. The impact is chilling.


It labored superbly. So why did Hamill really feel relieved that he did not win the Emmy he was nominated for?

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