Matt Reeves, James Gunn, And Peter Safran Are Meeting Soon To Plan ‘The BatVerse’

One of the first potential spin-offs of “The Batman” that we heard about was an HBO Max prequel series centered on the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) during year one of Batman’s crimefighting career. By the time “The Batman” paraglided into theaters in his hard-to-land wingsuit, Reeves said focus had shifted away from the GCPD, and that idea had evolved to become a more Arkham Asylum-centric project.

That other streaming series starring Colin Farrell’s Penguin (and set one week after the events of “The Batman”) is much more of a sure thing. HBO Max gave the Penguin series a straight-to-series order, and as recently as last month, Farrell was talking it up, saying it should start shooting early this year.

Penguin isn’t the only Bat-villain Reeves is looking to put in the limelight. We also heard last October that he was meeting with other directors and writers and pitching other movie and TV projects related to the baddies Scarecrow, Clayface, and Professor Pyg. While nothing more has been confirmed with those yet, and DC would undergo a big shake-up a week later when Gunn and Safran took charge, it seems they’re happy to stay in the Reeves business, and we can look forward to seeing more of his vision of Gotham City onscreen in the future.

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