Matt Reeves Says He Had ‘Some Debates’ About Cloverfield’s Ending [Exclusive]

In the years since “Cloverfield,” Matt Reeves (along with writer Drew Goddard) has paid off on these relatively humble beginnings, going on to enjoy widespread acclaim by making some of the best franchise offerings in recent years on the biggest canvas possible. But at the time, success was far from a sure thing. Cue the uncertainty surrounding exactly how to bring “Cloverfield” in for a landing and whether they were truly moving forward with the best possible conclusion for the picture.

With the 15th anniversary of “Cloverfield” upon us and the movie now available on 4K SteelBook, /Film’s Eric Vespe spoke to Reeves, asking if he had second thoughts in how he brought his monster movie to an end. According to the director, the rather depressing ending actually included a modicum of hope, thanks to Beth and Rob expressing their love for one another in their final moments:

“Gosh, you know, we absolutely did have some debates about it. I remember that, especially for Drew [Goddard] and I, we felt that the most hopeful ending was that ending. Because the point was, for that last moment, if that’s their last moment — and there’s ambiguity, but it doesn’t seem good — the fact that they are with each other and they love each other, it’s sort of a beautiful, transcendent idea. And then we end on them talking about that day in the footage from when they were out on that date.”

The date in question refers to a trip to Coney Island that the couple once took in simpler times, though the flashback to that previous moment also includes a telltale glimpse of something falling out of the sky — heralding the arrival of the monstrous Clover.

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