Matt Shakman Says The Godzilla And The Titans TV Series Won’t Be Too Intertwined With The Movies

In a recent interview with Collider, Matt Shakman discussed the canonical status of “Godzilla and the Titans,” a major concern for any movie or TV show that purports to be part of a larger, interconnected universe. Indeed, the meticulous attention to canonical details has been the very backbone of the Marvel Cinematic universe. 

To date, the mythology of the MonsterVerse, distributed by Legendary, has incorporated the first appearance of Godzilla, established his status as a troublemaker, and saw his redemption when he and King Kong teamed up to fight Mechagodzilla in Adam Wingard’s “Godzilla vs. Kong.” Multiple other well-known Toho creatures have had guest spots along the way, including Rodan, King Ghidorah, and Mothra. Shakman says that “Titans” will indeed connect to the MonsterVerse movies at large, but will forge a separate path, not so concerned with building on what came before. He said: 

“There is some overlap, though we were not heavily involved in talking about it with Adam Wingard and his team. Legendary is the studio for our show, as well as for the films, and so they sort of sit at the juncture there between the two, and they have a mythology department there which is wonderful. So they weigh in on how things might overlap, how certain creatures need to stay on one side or the other, and so there is a lot of conversation about it.”

Constructing such universes would indeed require a lot of meetings, ensuring everyone was on the same page as to what kinds of stories are and are not permitted. But, Shakman says, it’s less stringent than the MCU:

“[I]n terms of how closely the narratives overlap, it’s not as involved to say, an MCU kind of Disney+ film crossover. It’s less organized.”

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